Physicians Offices $350/month

The easy-to-use LIS application automates management of local diagnostic testing and regulatory compliance for all popular lab equipment. The software is designed for use in a physician's office lab and is delivered preconfigured for your devices on an Apex LIS workstation. Up to 8 local lab devices can be connected to each LIS workstation.

HL7 interfaces available to all EMRs and Reference Labs. This flexible system can easily expand to support multiple locations. Apex provides both local server and cloud-based options for its LIS.

The LIS is designed to be easy-to-use by first-time labs and can be configured to exactly match your lab workflow requirements. Results Reports are configured to meet your exact reporting requirements at no additional cost.

A robust suite of regulatory compliance tools are included that automate the process of collecting, managing and reporting lab compliance.

The Apex LIS provides the user with an extensive set of configuration options that allow the user to configure the application to match the needs of their lab and practice.

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